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Financing new energy is a win-win. As an investor in a green energy project, you aim for both long-term financial returns and sustainable global impact. As the service partner for large-scale green energy systems, we provide professional asset management services. That way, your assets will continue to perform.

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Klaer helps investors in green energy systems make sustainable returns

An extensive portfolio

Once a green energy system is delivered, it’s all about reliable, optimum returns. Returns in terms of both renewable energy generation and money. To achieve this, your project has to remain in good technical and financial condition. The better your solar farm, energy storage or wind project operates, the greater the return. At Klaer, all energy projects are in professional hands.

We have an extensive portfolio of sustainable assets under our management: around 800 MWp in total. With over twenty years’ experience in managing renewable energy sources in solar and wind, we know what’s going on. Both with your assets and with other factors at play. Klaer maintains an extensive network of stakeholders such as semi-governmental authorities, social organisations, landowners, suppliers and local residents.

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Investing is moving towards sustainable

Sustainable returns

The importance of sustainable investing is increasing. Klaer is aware of that like no one else. We ensure that your efficiency is optimalised

Optimal performances

Setting up your installations in an optimal way, can generate 10 to 15% extra efficiency. Klaer helps with the optimalisation

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‘Boots on the ground’

We closely monitor the risks. Klaer offers ‘boots on the ground’. We’re not just sitting at computers – we visit regularly sites, do inspections, collect data and conduct analysis. We identify problems at an early stage using detailed reports about the technical condition of the system. We then take care of any repairs and perform preventive maintenance.

We look at your PPA contracts from a commercial perspective. If long-term certainty is one of your top priorities, it’s a good idea to hedge invoicing risks in the event of price fluctuations. Want to take advantage of energy market opportunities? A dynamic energy contract allows you to capitalise on the energy and imbalance markets to generate higher returns. In collaboration with our partners, we provide access to those markets and advise on smart energy strategies. We can also provide tax consultancy. by letting sheep graze on solar farms, for example. This double purpose means we realise a lower WOZ value (your property value under the Dutch Valuation of Immovable Property Act). Administration also comes into play: how can we synchronise IT and deliver the specific reports you need?

For investors in renewable energy projects, we provide comprehensive management services. Whether it’s technical and commercial management, smart and efficient maintenance, monitoring, revenue optimisation, administration, taxes… we’ll take care of it all. Our experts will work with you, look ahead and advise you so that all sustainable investments yield maximum returns for both investors and a sustainable world.

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