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We energise your green assets.

Make the most of green assets with Klaer. We keep renewable energy projects in top condition and ensure optimum returns. For investors and owners of large-scale projects, for clean energy for us all.



Klaer is the number one trusted service provider

We provide green asset management, maintenance and optimisation. From solar farms, solar roofs and batteries to complex green energy systems. We always go the extra mile to achieve sustainable financial goals. Both Dutch and international clients entrust us with their operations so the projects they invest in achieve maximum results.

Full in-house expertise and services

More than 800 MWp under management

‘Boots on the ground’: on-site experience and knowledge

Always one step ahead.

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We’re here. Always.

We work with fixed points of contact, and we’re always here for our clients. Remote monitoring? On-site inspection? Consultation with the municipality? We’re here. Prompt maintenance? New technology? Opportunities for smart expansion? We’re here. We have experience, drive and local knowledge.

Hassle-free management?

Leave it to Klaer.

Trust begins with getting to know each other. Schedule a meeting or contact us directly.

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